Modern business

The modern world needs radical changes in business.

What was needed and worked yesterday is not relevant today. Saturated market, high competition, customer requests are just some of the reasons why digital business transformation is needed. The introduction of new technologies is a step into the future, which is already happening today.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a method of introducing new technologies into the company’s business processes. Digital technologies are used to transform and improve business operations, making them scalable, efficient and profitable.

Digital transformation of business is aimed at improving the quality of customer service due to the use of new technologies. Recently, the introduction of social networks into the business sphere could be called a revolution. Today this is not enough. Companies need modern technology to improve and advance.

Thanks to the revolutionary transition from analog business strategies to digital ones, the company gains significant advantages over competitors. However, decisive action is needed. Some of the new processes are launched quickly and efficiently, others can lead to long-term transformations, and in the short term even provoke the deterioration of things. For example, when some customers refuse due to reluctance to accept innovations. However, the right approach to digital transformation and the implementation of effective tools will help to “digitize” the company and expand its capabilities.

It is not just the digitization of information. This is a large complex of actions aimed at promoting the company in the digital space. It is necessary to be ready for various experiments, abandon outdated business processes and use modern technologies for business scaling.

Why is business going through digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is expanding at a tremendous pace. A few dozen years ago, business could only advance locally. Local advertising in newspapers, announcements on poles and distribution of business cards. Then websites appeared, and companies began to gradually enter the digital space, simultaneously advertising on television. Today, Digital transformation is experiencing a new wave. Artificial intelligence is actively developing, machine learning is being implemented.

According to Gartner, in 2019, 37% of companies began to actively implement artificial intelligence in their business. Growth continues actively. In 2018, Adobe conducted an analysis and confirmed that 31% of modern companies plan to implement digital transformations and start using artificial intelligence in the near future.

  • Why does this happen? Here are a few reasons:
  • optimization of enterprise costs;
  • increasing the efficiency of business processes;
  • quality production planning and business management;
  • improving customer service;
  • new opportunities for consumers;
  • ahead of competitors due to the introduction of new technologies and improvement of service and product quality;
  • leadership positions in their segment, formation of the brand image.

Digital business transformation is a complex and long-term process. It is almost impossible to do it yourself, so you need the help of specialists. Wezom offers digital transformation services for businesses. This is a whole set of measures that will help digitize business and introduce new technologies.

What is the digital transformation of the company?

Of course, everyone has already had time to get bored with this topic. However, many still mistakenly believe that digital transformation is simply the creation of websites. Undoubtedly, the website is the most visible part of the immersion of the business in the “digital”, but it is not all.

The main essence of transformation is changes that affect the organization and processes of your company. At the same time, you may not even have a website for customers, but the automation and optimization of processes will allow you to take your company to a new level.

The main task of digital transformation is to make business management even simpler and more efficient, so that most routine tasks are performed automatically. In this way, your employees can focus on more important strategic tasks.

The greatest effect comes from an integrated approach when you transform all processes, from all sides, with all the digital means that are appropriate for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital transformation

A digital information strategy leads to company growth, increased profits and improved image. New opportunities are opening up. However, everything has a reverse side.

It should be noted that the changes are associated with certain difficulties. Many customers are not ready to accept new technologies. “Old Believers” prefer to call the company instead of using a chatbot. Introducing new features requires them to spend time and learn how to use them. Not everyone is ready for this. Therefore, some customers may leave. However, in the future, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, many more customers appear, and their loyalty is at a high level.

Importantly! Don’t do Digital Transformation just for the sake of change. Set a specific goal.

That is why you need to turn to specialists who will help solve certain tasks.

At Wezom, we are engaged in comprehensive digital transformation of the enterprise. Our analysts develop a strategy for business promotion and digitization, all details are worked out, tools necessary for the introduction of new technologies are analyzed. After that, designers and developers start implementing the products. We provide a wide profile of services that allow you to make your business digital.

Here are some of our transformation suggestions:

  • complex internet marketing and creation of business promotion strategies;
  • development of a new site with the introduction of modern technologies;
  • development of effective mobile applications for various platforms;
  • development of CRM systems for content management.