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  • DNMA-92 802.11n A/B/G Wifi

    PA fine-tuning gains balance of linearity and power consumption with enough margin while maintaining adequate Tx power to ensure no major performance degradation over time.

    4dB Tx linearity improvement than standard MB92 design to gain better overall performance.

    Same EVM on both light and heavy loading maintain lower packet error to increase channel efficiency.

    Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n support 2Tx/2Rx to enable data rate up to 300Mbps link rate for 40MHz channel, six times the throughput of 802.11a and 802.11g.

    Mini-PCI  Type IIIA form factor with screw hole is ideal for solid mounting onto motherboard.

    Supported on ath9k and FreeBSD providing Linux kernel driver for industrial, academic, or personal projects at highest flexibility and lowest cost.

    Atheros Linux SDK for AP and client-mode sub-license available by project.

    Windows XP/Vista/7 driver enable manufacturers to quickly and easily bring new bandwidth intensive applications to market with trouble-free WiFi integration.

    802.11n compliance effectively interoperates with other chipsets.

    Supports IEEE 802.11a/802.11b/802.11g backward compatibility allowing inter-operability among multiple wifi networks.

    Supports 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, IEEE 802.1x authentication, AES and TKIP encryption.

    Two Hirose U.FL antenna connectors enable robust assembly.

    REACH SVHC 73 (2011/12/19) and RoHS compliance ensure a high level protection of human health and the environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals.

DNMA-92 802.11n A/B/G Wifi

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